Welcome to my site! I’ve chosen the name Principle Four in honor of the Celebrate Recovery program’s “Principle 4” which is often a pivotal point in the step study process. It’s at that stage that many people get hung up and either don’t fully complete it or quit due to the difficulty of dealing with their hurts, habits or hang ups. CR is probably the best known of the “Christ-centered” recovery programs out there but there are others and many of them follow similar programs, with elements taken from other 12 step programs to help participants to gain freedom from their hurts, habits and hang ups.

Its when we start spending time thinking about our past and having to really revisit the issues of our past that many of us find it very difficult. Preparing for the inventory step can be painful as it forces us to revisit the things we may have buried in our past. I’ve personally spent many hours getting no where trying to prepare for inventory and in my case, had it not been for a strong accountability partner and sponsor I would still be stuck working that step. Eventually God gave me the strength to work my way through it and complete the study.

It was then that I decided that God wanted me to use my painful past to help others. I volunteered and helped teach lessons and lead the program at our church. I also began using my writing via blogs and social media outlets to share my experiences in hopes that God would use them to help others find freedom from their past as I had. Having gotten some feedback I thought that perhaps creating this site and sharing more personal insights might help even more.

“God always has a purpose in our pain.”