There once was a time when we all trusted the stories being reported by the media to be truthful. Sure we might have experienced some bias based upon the issue and source but you at least trusted that the events being reported where actually truthful. Today that has been found to not be so dependable as story after story and report after report are found to be fabricated or staged by the main stream media. Past news journalists would have never dreamed of staging fake events to create news, at least that is what we all want to believe. 

Now we find ourselves in a place where we are feed stories focused solely on agenda and the result has divided out nation, and much of what has divided us is fake news. Fake news is a great new buzz word but I’m not sure it really covers what is really going on. What we are seeing is really fabricated or created news. Maybe that should be the new buzz word, created news. Stories are created based upon our beliefs and no longer based on confirmed facts as media outlets seem solely focused on their agendas and care less about truth than they do about ratings. 

I think we’ve reached that place where one must base their belief on what they personally know and see with their own eyes because the truth has lost its value in the media marketplace. But at the end of the day, the truth is still the truth. We can all know truth by seeing it around us. For example when a person takes an inanimate object such as a gun and randomly kills a group of people based upon how they identify politically, than that action is both murder and is politically motivated. And anyone who celebrates or supports such actions has no moral understanding of the truth or right verse wrong. 

It’s really hard to imagine people in this country making statements of support for someone’s actions when those actions are murder. When we’ve reached the place where we can no longer find it acceptable to disagree and debate our differences but find it acceptable to take violent actions against one another we are animals. When we take actions based upon our primal instincts, without thought or consideration of right vs wrong, legal vs illegal, we are acting as the wild animals do and not as human beings capable of thought and understanding do. 

There are many people I know and love that I completely and passionately disagree with but at no point do I ever believe that taking some violent physical action towards them is acceptable. 

The politically correct minority of our society have been working hard to make the expression of words an offense to be punished by criminal justice which is in direct conflict with the freedom of speech rights designated and affirmed in our Bill of Rights. No matter how offended we are we have to allow others to verbally express their views. Some would say that words can hurt or harm us, and yes that is true there is great power in words. However we have the ability to respond to those words without taking physical action. That is where the line gets crossed. Physical action expressed must be filtered by the basis of right vs wrong and legal vs illegal. 

Speaking of the power of words, and being offended. As much as I am offended by these expressions of support for this murderer who shot and killed innocence people on a ball field, it does not justify me taking some physical action against them nor is it illegal. It is in my opinion a statement of their immoral views on the value of human life and a statement of their character. A sad indicator or how far from moral character this world and our country has drifted. 

I pray that our nation will turn to God and the foundation of moral truth found in the Bible.