We often so easily forget our past, and all that God has done in our lives. I used to read those stories in the Bible where God had just parted the Red Sea, not long after the 10 plaques, and suddenly the Israelites were complaining about not having meat and wanting to return to Slavery, and I’d be thinking how on earth could they have forgotten all that God had done for them? How after preforming miracle after miracle could they so quickly forget? Were they not grateful and appreciative for all that God had done in their lives?

And then I realized I was just as forgetful, and perhaps even ungrateful. The struggles of every day life can draw my focus onto my circumstances and off the promises of God and rob me of the joy, that as a believer I should be experiencing. It wasn’t that long ago when I was in disparity and God rescued me from the pit, saved me from my own self inflicted agony and set me free from a life of sin and death. Should that not be reason to celebrate and rejoice, shouting out praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? 

Remembering who I was and being thankful for who I have become, and am becoming. It was only five years ago when God changed me. When he set me free from a life long addiction and gave me complete freedom over my old hurts, habits and hang ups. My life was radically changed and although it has been a process and I still face difficulties, I am a new creature in Christ Jesus and the old me is passed away. 

I am so grateful that God loves me enough that even though I did not deserve it and could never earn it, he paid the price for my sins and set me free from the penalty of death. I am thankful for the power of God’s Word and how he speaks to me through it. How the Holy Spirit can work through me to help others who might struggle with the same sin’s I struggled with. 

While I am eternally grateful for all that God had done and is doing in and through my life, there is still work to be done. This journey is far from over and I still have areas of my life that I struggle with. God’s not done yet so I pray that I can walk His path and follow His commands all the days of my life. 

The journey continues……