submitThe struggle between the flesh and the Spirit is a daily battle for supremacy. My sinful nature will win out every time if I do not make intentional efforts to lay down my life to the Lord. Some time ago I came across and pray of submittal and tape it up on the mirror so that I would be reminded daily of my need to submit. When I choose to submit myself daily to God’s will for my life, my life will have order and peace. But when I forget or allow myself to drift away from His path for my life, chaos is the result. I added my own personal touch and try to pray this prayer daily to start my day off in submission to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Here is my prayer;

God, today I submit my mind that I might focus my thoughts on you. My eyes that I might see the world as you would have me see it. My mouth that I might speak words of life. My ears that I might hear your gentle voice guiding and leading me through this day. My hands that I might reach out to help others. My feet that I might walk in a direction that pleases you. My heart that I might love others as you love me. My whole life to you Lord, use me for your purposes today! Amen

I pray that this pray might encourage someone and help others to seek to submit to the risen King, our Lord Jesus.