Last week when attending an Abundant Life bible study small group I picked out the above from the week’s lesson. I was struck by how badly we want to have real change in our lives. Whether you struggle with addiction, depression, codependency or anger issues we all want to change. We all know we have issues and unless we are in denial we want to change. God through the power of the Holy Spirit begins that change as soon as we give our lives over to him. Buts it’s a life long process as God transforms us into the image of His Son Jesus. 

The hard part for me and many others is we want the instant fix but God’s plan works on His timing and he prefers to work on building our character in His timing on His terms not ours. 

When I read this I knew this was I something I wanted to keep my mind focused on that could give me hope during those times when I get discouraged or need to be reminded that God also wants to change us. 

I printed this and placed in on my mirror to help remind me each day to ask the Holy Spirit to show me what area of my life needs to change, then to invite the Holy Spirit to change me and fill me with the power to live that changed life.