“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” Psalms 90:12 NLT

I’m reading this verse along with an accompanying devotion that provides insightful examples of people who missed opportunities in life that resulted in regret. Sad reminders that we only get one chance to live this life and how frequently we make choices without regard for the brevity of life. I’ve got my share of regrets gained only by the insight that comes with age and reflection. Some would say there is no value in wasting time looking back at mistakes, we should always keep our focus looking forward, but I believe we should learn from our mistakes and without some emotional connection to those memories how powerful can those lessons be?

For me, I need that pain to impress upon me the significance to take heed that lesson and hopefully transform my thinking enough to cause me to make the better choice when presented with the next moment of importance in life. Perhaps we all have different ways we develop and grow, but apparently I often need some pain to keep my fingers from reaching back out towards that hot stove in life.

This is one of the reasons I am so thankful for God choosing to give us the Bible as his primary instructions for living, his love story for us, his guide to living fulfilled lives based upon the understanding of his love for his creation. I think another title could have been, “How to Live”, from the best-selling author, “God”

It’s so cool that God gave us this powerful tool to turn to, which not only comes to life for us through the power of the Holy Spirit, but also speaks to us as we grow deeper in our study, meditation and wisdom, as it draws us always closer to our creator. It’s taken me nearly 52 years to learn this and I wish there were some way for non-believers to see the truth of God’s word, as well as other believers as so many simply see it as a rule book.

I’m so thankful that I am finally starting to see the power of each simple verse and how deep and rich one single sentence can be as it opens a world of thought and understanding through reflection and meditation guided by the Holy Spirit. This verse, it’s meaning seems so obvious and yet so often it is the opposite of how we behave as humans. We so often drive forward focused on our goals and objectives without giving thought to such large and significant realizations that impact our lives so deeply. I’m not even sure how I would make it through a day if every action was preceded by careful thought rather than thoughtless motor skills moving us about like robots.

Am I the only one who functions this way? So much of my day to day life is a result of auto-pilot verse choices made. I recognize that I personally am drawn to developing daily routines that allow me to accomplish specific daily goals without forgetting to do them by way of my systematic life.

Wow, is that sad or a positive character trait? I’m not sure it isn’t both. By way of routine I teach myself good habits like spending time reading God’s word every day, like brushing my teeth, praying for others, and providing my boss with daily information needed to run the business. All of these are good things and may require thought to accomplish them, however the act of making sure I accomplish them is a result of self-taught routine rather than intentional moment by moment choices. Living this way has helped me to function. I’m just not sure if that is my way of coping with some mental deficiency or some positive character trait that helps make me successful. Someone else will have to answer that someday because for me it’s just how I’ve always functioned.

Let’s not misunderstand though that my life is not simply a series of routines. I still make daily changes, alterations and choices to test myself, or try new experiences. My routine today is far different from what it was 5 years ago, or perhaps even 1 year ago, while some elements have remained the same my entire adult life.